Peculiar Pumpkin Portrait Events

Halloween is my favorite time of year, as I do many kinds of pumpkin portraits and spine-chilling creations when October comes around, but Peculiar Pumpkin Portraits offers artistic services all year long. Why save the freakish festivities for one day of the year! My vegetarian sculptures, no matter what season it is, creates intrigue and beauty to your event. Below is a brief description of the events I do, as well as an idea of the services I provide. If you have an outrageous idea in mind that you don’t see listed, feel free to contact me—I can’t wait to hear about it and collaborate with you.

Corporate Events

Let Peculiar Pumpkins add some serious panache to your next company gathering. Among the many types of services I offer, pumpkin carving lessons, team building contests and on-site Thai fruit carving are my most popular corporate events. Get inspired from images of my previous work here and concoct your most frightful idea—I love a challenge! Not only will my pumpkin art add one-of-a-kind entertainment to your event, but it will also give your employees a chance to let their imaginations come alive. If lessons are of interest to you, you can learn my ghoulish techniques, creative approaches and I’ll even let you in on some of my tried-and-true industry secrets.

Entertainment Industry

Yes, Peculiar Pumpkin Portraits has been on TV! Aside from appearing on many morning news programs on NBC, ABC, CBS, etc., one of my first big TV projects was creating the decorative set props for ABC’s Desperate Housewives’ Halloween Special in 2007. Since then, my work has appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Parks & Recreation, Access Hollywood and I even competed on Food Network’s Halloween Wars. My spooky sculptures translate perfectly as set decorations, as they pop and add ambiance to any set. I work with set designers, prop masters and do consulting for TV shows that need an expert pumpkin artist who not only knows how to create frightening faces, but also has a background in special effects and mortuary make up. More recently my pumpkins have been seen on NBC’s “Undateable,” Disney Channel’s “Good Luck Charlie” and the Hallmark Channel.

Private Parties

Whether you’re a party planner in search of that perfect showstopper for your venue or you’re planning an unforgettable party for your friends and family, Peculiar Pumpkins has got you covered. My fruit and vegetable art are an uncommon, yet striking addition to any party. From carving large, regal pumpkins on-site to leading a pumpkin carving class to creating a vegetable portrait from a photograph, I’ll be able to reveal the macabre and the unearthly from a simple squash.

Thai Carving

Thai fruit carving is a precise and meditative art that dates back centuries and was originally used to embellish the tables of the royal family in Thailand. Thai fruit carving is still prevalent today and is a large part of my work, as I carve intricate floral designs into brightly colored fruits and vegetables, which adds beauty and value to gatherings.


Funeral receptions are typically somber events, yet I personally believe it’s an opportunity to create an uplifting atmosphere full of color and vibrancy. I create beautiful works of art of deceased loved ones to display at their memorial service. I can make edible arrangements out of a pumpkin, watermelon or any other brightly colored fruit or vegetable that features a carving of their portrait—the result is a creative way to celebrate the life of your lost loved one.


Want to see our President’s face carved into a pumpkin? I thought so. I offer a selection of expressive Trump faces–some might include unflattering features and possibly devil horns. During the pumpkin off-season, I use a species of pumpkins that are available are year called Kabochas, which are of Japanese origin, small in size and, coincidentally enough, often imported from Mexico. Their fun, petite size allows for any number of unique ideas and crazy faces. Whether you’d like me to create a scandalous Trumpkin or any other outrageous request, contact me and let’s see if we can bring your ideas to life.