Individual Traditional Halloween Characters: $60 to $100+

Witches, goblins, ghosts, skulls, zombies, pirates, scary clowns, weird monsters etc. Combined classic sculpture with mixed media produce and paint.

Caricatures: $300+

½ sculpture of exaggerated features with a collage of produce to enhance facial characteristics that usually transform the person into a monster! (25lbs, +)

3D Portraiture: $500+

100% sculpture as realistic and anatomically accurate as possible. Pricing is influenced by the size of the pumpkin, additional details and number of faces.

Photo-Realistic Jack O’ Lantern: $400+

Internally lit and I match most high-resolution photos (high contrast between highlights & shadows work best). Some extra cost for chosen lighting.

Large Pumpkins 100 lbs. or more: $500 to $1,000+

Demonstrations can go from anywhere from 4 to 8 hours or more (cost dependent on the scene desired or number of faces included + cost of pumpkin itself). Logistics for pick-up & delivery for pumpkins several hundred pounds or more can become quite costly. A good client to artist dialogue is required.

Carving On Location/At Events: starts at $1,000+

Demonstrations can go anywhere from 4 to 8 hours or more. Generally, cost begins around $1,000 to bring my tools, equipment, produce and materials to a location and perform my art while engaging the public. Some venues may decide to provide additional lighting and sound equipment, etc. (Attendees usually find this to be a great photo opportunity to share on social media and help promote the event!)

Thai Fruit Carving:

Additional artists & consultation required for elaborate displays. Please contact me for pricing.

*Prices are open for negotiation. I am able to work within most budgets and very adaptable to challenging venues